Sports and remedial massage

“Hay fever put my back out!”

I was supposed to meet up with a friend tomorrow, but sadly, this is not to be. Why? She sent me an apologetic email this morning to explain that her hay fever was bad and that during a sneezing fit, she had put her back out. In my work as a sports and remedial massage therapist, I hear all sorts of crazy stories about how people have hurt themselves. I’m no longer surprised, although often highly amused! This is not…

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A story of #tennis #elbow in #Exeter

I’m having one of those days when nothing goes to plan, but maybe that’s not all bad. My cleaner has just come and she’s in agony with tennis elbow, with pain an swelling going all the way down the outside of her forearm (the wrist extensor muscles). I’ve just spent a quick few minutes at the end of her shift doing some myofascial release, gently massaging in my Nerve Magic oil and have given her an exercise to do. She…

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Client assessment: why bother?

When you come to me for your first massage, one of the first things I shall do is a thorough assessment. I shall ask questions about your health and lifestyle, especially aspects which may be relevant to your current pain or tension. I shall also have a look at you, firstly while you are standing and then when you are lying down. I may ask you to try certain movements or positions and I may move or gently rock your…

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More Exciting @olympiabeauty News – FREE Tickets and upgrades

Excited to be attending @olympia Beauty on 1st-2nd October 2017 Visit us on stand C124 Come to our talk on the Nutrition & Wellbeing live stage on Sunday 1st October:- ‘Aromatic Integration: Safe, Effective Aromatherapy for Massage and Bodywork’   #Olympia Beauty is offering all of our friends, clients and colleagues complimentary tickets to Autumn’s biggest beauty event. To redeem your ticket please register online by clicking here:   Are you a business owner? Why not treat yourself…

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Sports Massage after a Marathon

I’ve heard all sorts of inspiring stories following the London Marathon last Sunday: how one man sacrificed his PB to help an exhausted competitor to the finishing line; closer to home, a colleague of mine who completed for the sake of her sponsorship for charity, despite having sprained her ankle just four miles in. I shall be giving my colleague a post-event massage on Friday – better late than never!   So what is post-event massage? What it says on…

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Sickness Absence from Work

Another article on the BBC News website about absence from work owing to illness. At first glance, it is good news: fewer days off than previously reported. Are we just soldiering on though and not allowing ourselves time to recover when necessary? Most interesting to me as a massage therapist is that two of the highest contributors to time taken off sick could be greatly reduced with massage: back and neck pain and mental health issues. Recent NICE guidelines now…

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CNHC Registered (logo)

I am the only CNHC registered massage therapist practising in Exeter city centre and the only CNHC registered aromatherapist in Exeter.

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Please note: I do not seek to profit from my postage and packaging charges. I acknowledge that our flat rate of £4.95 for UK deliveries may seem high, especially for small orders.

However, my prices accurately reflect the combined costs of Royal Mail postage, plus the labour involved in selecting, packing and dispatching your goods safely to you.

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