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Celebrating #StressAwarenessWeek with #massage and #aromatherapy in Exeter, Devon

I’m celebrating #StressAwarenessMonth by offering new, improved bargain prices for my treatments . Having a one-off massage can be a pleasant and relaxing experience. However, to combat the long-term effects of stress, such as poor digestion, low immunity, low mood and poor sleep, a course of massage treatments at regular intervals, such as fortnightly or monthly, may have more long-term benefits, by helping to rebalance your nervous system. The essential oils which I use for aromatherapy help enormously with stress, as their…

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Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

Massage and Aromatherapy for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

In my post for #StressAwarenessMonth in April, I discussed how 45% of days taken as sick leave are owing to stress and mental health issues. In the same way that massage affects the parasympathetic nervous system and alleviates the symptoms of stress, it can also have positive, life-changing effects on those with long-term illness, including anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder (formerly manic depression). I have had the privilege of working with many clients experiencing mental health issues and the results have…

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Final post for #StressAwareness Month: Research on Massage and Stres

When I posted on the stress response last week, I hinted about some research which has found massage to be helpful in reducing stress and enhancing emotional well-being. Here is a link to a literature review which I wrote with my colleague, Diana Newson, for the Massage Training Institute (MTI) research group:   I wasn’t sure which image to include here, but I have decided on one of a face massage. Our emotional responses are directly linked to the…

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Massage for #StressAwareness#Month

With such a great opportunity to talk about the role of massage in reducing stress, this is going to be a feature length post, but hopefully one worth reading. We all know that a lovely massage helps us to relax, but what is actually going on? Firstly, we need to understand what happens in our bodies when we get stress, so that we can fully appreciate how massage can break the stress cycle.   We have evolved to respond in…

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I am the only CNHC registered massage therapist practising in Exeter city centre and the only CNHC registered aromatherapist in Exeter.

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