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What is Massage?

Hear’s a link to a great interview with Earl Abrahamson, chair of the Massage Training Institute and a greatly admired colleague of mine. Here, he is being interviewed by Dr. Toh Wong, as a preview to his talk at the Integrative Health Conference in October. As coincidence would have it, I was only at Dr. Wong’s surgery in Exminster last Friday, giving a talk and demo on massage and the CNHC – small world! Here’s Earl’s talk, where he explains…

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“Hay fever put my back out!”

I was supposed to meet up with a friend tomorrow, but sadly, this is not to be. Why? She sent me an apologetic email this morning to explain that her hay fever was bad and that during a sneezing fit, she had put her back out. In my work as a sports and remedial massage therapist, I hear all sorts of crazy stories about how people have hurt themselves. I’m no longer surprised, although often highly amused! This is not…

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A story of #tennis #elbow in #Exeter

I’m having one of those days when nothing goes to plan, but maybe that’s not all bad. My cleaner has just come and she’s in agony with tennis elbow, with pain an swelling going all the way down the outside of her forearm (the wrist extensor muscles). I’ve just spent a quick few minutes at the end of her shift doing some myofascial release, gently massaging in my Nerve Magic oil and have given her an exercise to do. She…

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Celebrating #StressAwarenessWeek with #massage and #aromatherapy in Exeter, Devon

I’m celebrating #StressAwarenessMonth by offering new, improved bargain prices for my treatments . Having a one-off massage can be a pleasant and relaxing experience. However, to combat the long-term effects of stress, such as poor digestion, low immunity, low mood and poor sleep, a course of massage treatments at regular intervals, such as fortnightly or monthly, may have more long-term benefits, by helping to rebalance your nervous system. The essential oils which I use for aromatherapy help enormously with stress, as their…

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The Interstitium: More Research on the Fascia, by Another Name

Scientists are claiming to have discovered a new organ, the interstitium.   This is not news at all though. They are actually talking about the ground substance of the fascia, which researchers and myofascial therapists have been discussing for a good while now. Take a look at this excellent response to the so-called news   As Guimberteau concludes, the main thing here is that any publicity concerning fascial research and the importance of the fascia for our health…

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Massage on the NHS

Many people view massage as a luxury, rather than a necessity. When money is tight, massage goes on the back burner. However, as a massage therapist, I have first-hand experience of how it has helped people when conventional medication could only do so much to alleviate chronic, unpleasant symptoms.   I would never claim to have cured anyone. However, I have seen countless massage and aromatherapy clients who have spontaneously reduced their pain-relieving medication, started sleeping better and experienced markedly…

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Client assessment: why bother?

When you come to me for your first massage, one of the first things I shall do is a thorough assessment. I shall ask questions about your health and lifestyle, especially aspects which may be relevant to your current pain or tension. I shall also have a look at you, firstly while you are standing and then when you are lying down. I may ask you to try certain movements or positions and I may move or gently rock your…

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SB Holistic Magic: Free Samples

Laast orders please for an exciting pre-Christmas present from SB Holistic! I’m dispatching the last batch of Magic samples for 2017 next week. If you still want to try them, but haven’t had a chance to get your order in, you have until 5 pm on Monday 18th December to email me please: with the word ‘Samples’ as the subject and your name, address and list of products you wish to sample in the body. If you want one…

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SB Holistic: Award Winner!

Thrilled to announce that SB Holistic Magic has won the Holistic Therapist Magazine, Star Product 2017 award, first prize. To find out more about how this award-winning product range can enhance your massage practice with effective aromatherapy, please visit: If you have any specific questions about your clients’ needs, feel free to get in touch. To find out more about how our Magic toolkit can enhance your bodywork practice and keep up-to-date with our news and events, sign up…

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CNHC Registered (logo)

I am the only CNHC registered massage therapist practising in Exeter city centre and the only CNHC registered aromatherapist in Exeter.

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Please note: I do not seek to profit from my postage and packaging charges. I acknowledge that our flat rate of £4.95 for UK deliveries may seem high, especially for small orders.

However, my prices accurately reflect the combined costs of Royal Mail postage, plus the labour involved in selecting, packing and dispatching your goods safely to you.

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