I work with a wide range of clients, presenting with a variety of physical and mental health conditions. Here is a selection of feedback comments which I have received from clients.

Kat Collier - Exeter

Sarah, Children’s Worker - Exeter

“Hi Sarah, thank you. My shoulder is giving me a lot less trouble than before. Definitely more freedom of movement and less pain so that is brilliant. I will continue with the helpful exercises you sent through to me.”

Angela Sims, Senior Engineer - Exeter

"I am a really keen sports enthusiast and sometimes suffer from aches and pains from so much training and due to past injuries. I have seen Sarah several times now and she’s helped massively, both before taking part in sport events and afterwards to help me recover. I had a massage after a recent Ironman event and my legs felt great afterwards – just the right amount of sports massage and relaxation. Thanks Sarah – great job ! my knee is feeling loads better which is fantastic. Still a very dull ache but nothing like it was. You've worked wonders!"

Philippa, owner of Mantis – Exeter

"Wonderful massage very relaxing. really helped open up my shoulders. Have booked a full session and looking forward to it."

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Below are some client testimonials from my previous practice in Sheffield.

Vicky & Patrick, retired teachers

“Your massage sessions have been the best we have ever experienced - your knowledge of the oils as well as the ability to respond to our personal tensions and strains is exceptional.”

Orla, teacher

“I have enjoyed my many massages with you, the treatment and guidance you've offered has been very supportive and you've helped with my levels of stress.”

Mark, solicitor

“Hi Sarah. I hope that you are well. Just to let you know that the pain in my calves has subsided and I just have the normal sports ache that you get from exertion and which disappears after a couple of days. I have been using the oil you made for me. All is therefore well. Thank you! I will see you again soon though as I want to keep on top of it and stop the deep pain re-occurring.”

Jess, solicitor

“Hi Sarah! Thanks for your email and all your assistance. I will be very sorry to see you go as it has been a pleasure to meet you. You have introduced me to some great massage techniques that I didn't even know existed! And they work!”

Mike, retired

“Hi Sarah, Just wanted to let you know how much better my hip is following your new therapy treatment on it on Monday. For more than a week prior to my seeing you I'd had an ache in my right hip, which was most noticeable when I took the dog for a walk. After seeing you on Monday this ache has totally disappeared and my hip feels fine. I look forward to more of the same therapy next time I see you.”

Karen, life coach

"Your myofascial release therapy seems to have made a real difference to my neck and has complemented the physiotherapy which I had previously. My neck is feeling much looser and generally better.”

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Marie, yoga teacher

“Sarah, I wanted to say a big thank you for the massage that you have given me and I have been touched by, not only your strong healing hands, but also by your compassion and understanding and generosity. You will be outstanding where ever you go and bring healing into many people's lives.”

Brenda, retired teacher

“I feel I have benefited a lot from your care over the last couple of years. Not only have you eased my discomfort, you have also made me realise that I need not just put up with stiffness and pain but can have some control over it. I have appreciated your holistic approach and always felt fully involved in the treatments. Many thanks for all of that.”

Hannah, nutritionist

“Sarah has been absolutely brilliant at helping me with a painful shoulder problem and also showing me what massage is really all about. It's very effective when done right and doesn't have to be painful either! Thanks so much for everything you've done!”

AM, image consultant

“Hi Sarah- It was a real pleasure to come for an aromatherapy massage yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and you were very caring, focussed and concerned with how I felt and was reacting to the pressure. You were very sensitive to my needs and reactions. Your approach was very professional and knowledgeable. I could feel the effects of your work all day and can this morning, so it certainly worked well.”

Rod, local government officer

"Thanks for the massage yesterday - it was really helpful. I really enjoyed the work on the neck."

Pat C, retired auxiliary nurse

"You work with a lot of love and that brings healing. Today my right knee as not been so painful even though I have been doing quite a lot of walking around. Also, it was a good, positive experience for me to meet and converse with you.”

Katie, architect

"You did wonders on my shoulder! By the next day it stopped hurting at all and hasn't hurt again since! Thank you!"

Renuka, medical herbalist

"Sarah has a really professional manner and I always feel safe and comfortable. She is always patient

and understanding, particularly in my case where I seemed to present her with a new injury or

condition every time I come to see her! The massages are really nice. She uses a good combination

of therapeutic techniques combined with nurturing strokes. I feel that she treats me holistically and

is very tuned in to my emotional state, knowing what I would benefit from the most. I like the fact

that she is able to combine her aromatherapy knowledge with this form of massage. Particularly

good for use in remedial work and for people who do a lot of sports and may need some extra help

to deal with muscle soreness and injuries. I especially liked her focused work on hands, arms,

shoulders and neck.”

Barbara, teacher

“I had been suffering from quite severe knee pain and Sarah worked on my leg muscles. After the 1st

treatment I felt my walking improved quite significantly and the muscles had loosened up.”

BV, artist

“Emotionally I feel a lot more at peace within myself than I did before starting the

aromatherapy and massage. I have more resources and feel a bit more in control of my


Melissa, carer

Dr Sarah Bryan is a wonderful and caring massage therapist. The massage is soft to firm to

work out the tension in areas, very relaxing. I benefit from the back massage because it

relaxes me and it loosens my muscles. I like this as it works out the pain and tension I have in

the lower back. I also like the stomach massage which is very light it relaxes the spasms I

have. Having the massage helps me control a bit of my IBS so I don’t always have to take

pain medication.”

Chris, retired

“I find that my legs have changed since I've been having massages with Sarah because I can

walk more comfortably and for a bit longer. It also helps that I don’t always have to use pain

medication to ease my calves and legs to work better.”

Vicky, retired teacher

“Sarah made me feel very welcome and completely at ease. I was impressed that she remembered

details we had discussed at the previous session and made appropriate enquiries about what I

wanted on that occasion. She also made very pertinent suggestions about what would benefit me

most. The massage was a very pleasant experience. I felt that problem areas were treated very

effectively and I felt very soothed and relaxed. I felt confident that Sarah would deal with anything

that might crop up. The talk we had was very useful. Sarah was very knowledgeable and gave good

advice about follow up exercises and even recommended a good hand cream. I felt the benefits

from the massage for days afterwards. Altogether a great experience.”

Sandra, visual impairment support assistant

“After my massage I feel more relaxed in body and mind. My body feels less tired and less painful. I

love the time to chill out and have some soothing attention. Sarah does seem to have a talent for


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Mr. Graham Andrews:

"Sarah is excellent when I went for the massage I suffered going up the stairs but when I left it was much easier to walk. My back pain was all but gone after the massage, I will be having regular treatments with Sarah. Thank you and look forward to having your treatment again next week."

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