On-Site Massage

A seated shoulder massage by SB Holistic, at 4N Plymouth (on-site massage) (photograph)

A seated shoulder massage by SB Holistic, at 4N Plymouth

If you prefer the convenience of receiving massage at your work place, then I can bring my couch or chair and aromatherapy oils to you. All I need from you is a private room, which I can turn into a haven for you and your colleagues to relax and unwind.

By the time I have set up my comfy couch or chair and have some quiet music or natural sound playing in the background, with the natural scent of aromatherapy oils in the air, you will hardly believe you are still at work.

My experience of on-site massage

I have had the privilege of providing on-site massage in a number of different settings, ranging from outdoor community events, to university staff festivals and well-being days, through to large companies.

My best experience of working on-site was with a large law firm. I used to go in for two days per month, offering 30-minute sessions on one day and 60-minute sessions on the other. I treated everyone: administrative staff, trainee solicitors and partners in the firm alike. People’s treatment needs varied from management of stress and mental health conditions, through to sports injury rehabilitation.

Regular massage treatment made such a huge difference to everyone. They were happier, healthier and I suspect, more productive for that.

How I work on-site

When I come to your venue, I want to give each person a treatment, tailored to their individual needs, as I do in the clinic. It works best if we plan the day in advance, putting together a timetable of appointments, with regular breaks for me to catch up on paperwork and refresh myself.

I find that the day goes most smoothly if everyone receiving a treatment can take the time to complete my client consultation form and read the client-practitioner agreement. If we have done this in plenty of time before the day, then I shall be better able to meet everyone’s individual needs, while keeping to schedule.

On-site massage costs

I charge £50 per hour for on-site massage, as I do for clinic-based work. I need a minimum of two hours’ work please, to make my visit viable. I ask that you please respect my 48-hour cancellation policy as explained in section 1.3 of the client-practitioner agreement.

Sometimes, individuals pay for their own treatments, while in other circumstances, fees are split between the company and the individual. I am happy with whichever arrangement works best for you, just so long as we are clear on this from the start.

Fees from individuals are paid in advance of their appointments, as explained in section 1.1 of the client-practitioner agreement.

Fees from the company are paid within a week of invoicing, which is done one to two days after my visit.

Ready to help your staff become healthier, happier and more productive?

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CNHC Registered (logo)

I am the only CNHC registered massage therapist practising in Exeter city centre and the only CNHC registered aromatherapist in Exeter.

Massage Training Institute (MTI) (logo)

I am currently the only MTI registered massage therapist in Exeter. To find out more about why we at MTI are in an excellent position to help you, please watch this brief video introduction to MTI.

Postage & Packing

Please note: I do not seek to profit from my postage and packaging charges. I acknowledge that our flat rate of £4.95 for UK deliveries may seem high, especially for small orders.

However, my prices accurately reflect the combined costs of Royal Mail postage, plus the labour involved in selecting, packing and dispatching your goods safely to you.

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