Holistic Therapeutic Massage

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What is Holistic Therapeutic Massage?

Massage for Aching Neck and Shoulder Tension

Massage for Aching Neck & Shoulder Tension

This treatment is inspired by traditional Swedish body massage, combining a range of light and firm massage strokes with stretches and movement.

Whether you are looking for a firm massage to relieve muscular tension in specific areas or a gentle massage to help you relax, I tailor this treatment to suit your needs on the day.

I do not use a predetermined full body massage routine, because every body is different and one size does not fit all. Instead, we agree on which areas of your body to focus on; then we let the treatment unfold. I also respond to what your body is telling me at the time, which is one of the reasons why each treatment is different.

Compression to Relieve Shoulder Tension

Any physical or emotional issues which come up for you are welcome; I shall support you throughout. You may feel like laughing, crying, sleeping, or may simply feel deeply peaceful and relaxed. These are all very normal, healthy signs of letting go.

How can Holistic Therapeutic Massage Help You?

Muscles and Joints

You may feel warmer and free from aches and tension. You may also be more mobile after your treatment.

Heart and Blood Flow

You may feel generally warmer and notice your heart slowing down as you relax. Your blood pressure may drop a little too. These are all healthy signs of relaxation.


You may notice your tummy gurgling contentedly during your treatment, as your stress response diminishes and you are able to relax again. You may also feel hungry after your treatment. Your body has had a workout, even after a gentle massage!


Massage may help the body to eliminate waste. You may therefore need to use the bathroom immediately after your treatment.

Staying Well

We know that when we feel stressed and run-down, we tend to pick up all the nasty germs going around. This is because the nervous system initiates a ‘fight or flight’ response, which stops the immune system from working properly. We also know that massage helps to switch off the ‘fight or flight’ response and restore normal bodily functioning. It is therefore possible that regular massage sessions may give your body regular opportunities to restore this balance and keep you healthier.

Body and Mind

Massage may make you feel more aware of your body. At first, you may notice where you are holding tension and which areas feel more or less mobile. Then you learn the amazing ability to let go of this tension and fully relax.

If you feel self-conscious about your body, regular, nurturing massage may help you to overcome these issues and feel more positive about yourself.

Massage may also enhance your sleep and mood. Regular treatment may help you to cope better with everyday stress and reduce feelings of anxiety. I cannot change what is going on in your life. However, I can help you to change how you respond to it.

My beliefs about massage

I firmly believe that regular therapeutic massage can bring about huge positive changes for you, giving you a greater sense of well-being and a better quality of life. I have seen my clients’ lives turned around following regular massage. This is often because of a simple change, such as sleeping better, or being able to resume previously enjoyed activities.

Testimonials on the benefits of Holistic Therapeutic Massage:

Melissa, full-time carer: I find it very easy to talk to Sarah about what I need out of the massage and she puts me at ease the way she describes what treatment will help me best in that appointment. I benefit from the back massage, because it relaxes me and it loosens my muscles. I also like the stomach massage, which is very light; it relaxes the spasms I have.”

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