Holistic Sports and Remedial Massage

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What is Holistic Sports and Remedial Massage?

Muscle Energy Technique for tight calves

Muscle Energy Technique for tight calves

People often think “no pain, no gain” when it comes to sports massage, but it does not have to be this way.

I combine the advanced techniques of traditional sports and remedial massage with a nurturing, person-centred approach, to help you get better faster, or to enhance your physical performance.
This approach could be just right for you, if you have been dissatisfied with your previous massage experience, because:

  • Either the pressure felt too light to do any lasting good;
  • Or because the pressure was too heavy and painful.

I monitor your body’s responses and increase the pressure gradually. This enables your muscles to relax and repair with the least possible discomfort. Your feedback is essential, so I always ask you to let me know if the pressure is too much or too little. I want you to feel actively involved in your treatment.

How can Sports Massage Help You?

Muscle energy technique for tight hamstrings

Muscle energy technique for tight hamstrings

You do not need to be “sporty” in order to benefit from sports massage. Most of us get injured at some point, have aches and pains or realise that we need to improve our posture. It does not matter whether these issues crop up in the context of playing sport or in our daily life and work.

Holistic sports and remedial massage has the same and some additional benefits listed for holistic therapeutic massage. In fact, I do not separate therapeutic and sports massage in practice. I simply use the best combination of techniques for you on the day.

If you enjoy any of the following sports and activities, you could benefit from sports massage. This is not an exhaustive list, so if your sport or activity is not included, please contact me to discuss your needs.

  • Gardening, knitting, sewing, typing or using a mouse;
  • Jogging, running, marathon and triathlon competing;
  • Walking, rambling and orienteering;
  • Swimming, cycling, football, cricket, tennis or golf;
  • Juggling, circus skills and acrobatics;
  • Gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, pilates and dance
  • And. more!

Muscles and Joints

Sports massage may help to release specific areas of tension, either following injury or after using your body in a specific way for a long time. We can explore your posture and how you move, to work out which muscles are working too hard and which ones need a wake-up call! We can also discuss better ways for you to use your body at home and at work, to prevent the same trouble from returning.

If you Play Sports

Sports massage may help you to recover faster from sports injuries and avoid further injury in future. For instance, I may be able to detect the early signs of injury before you feel any pain and give you appropriate advice on nipping the issue in the bud. A stitch in time saves nine! I can also work with you as part of your rehab programme, alongside your physiotherapist and sports coach.

If you do not have any injuries, I can still work with you to help keep your muscles in good shape. This will enable you to maintain or improve your health and fitness.

Sports massage is a great way to help you prepare physically and emotionally for any sports activity, whether this is your weekly practice or an event, such as a marathon or triathlon.

Treatment Courses

If your injury, tension or postural pattern has developed over several months or even years, it may take the equal amount of time for us to resolve the issue. You may therefore benefit from a course of several sports massage treatments.

Similarly, if you are preparing for or recovering from an important sporting event, such as a marathon or triathlon, regular sports massage treatment sessions are the best way to prepare your body, prevent and recover from injury.

You can save money and plan ahead by block booking your treatments upfront.
Details of my treatment courses can be found on the Prices page.

Testimonials on the benefits of Holistic Sports and Remedial Massage:

Renuka, massage therapist and medical herbalist: Sarah uses a good combination of therapeutic techniques combined with nurturing strokes. Particularly good for use in remedial work and for people who do a lot of sports. I especially liked her focused work on hands, arms, shoulders and neck.

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