Deep Tissue Massage

A Brief Video Introduction

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage for backache

Deep Tissue Massage for backache

People often think “no pain, no gain”, when it comes to deep tissue massage, but it does not have to be this way. In fact, I can give you a much deeper, more effective massage when you are relaxed and comfortable.

I use my forearms and elbows to work firmly, yet sensitively, into tight and aching areas of your body. I lean in with my body weight, so that I can work deeply into your muscles. As I am constantly monitoring and changing how much I lean in, you will not feel any unnecessary pain or discomfort. This method is known as Hands Free Massage, introduced to the UK by master practitioner, Darien Pritchard of Dynamic Massage.

I use the soft part of my forearms to apply long, slow movements. I then use the bony areas of my forearms and elbows for finer movements, to focus on and release specific areas of tension in your muscles and fascia. I do this skilfully, without digging in, so that you may not realise that I am using my elbow. Some of my clients have said “That’s a bit tender where your thumb is” when I was actually using my elbow.

How can Deep Tissue Massage Help You?

Deep Tissue Massage for a previously sprained ankle (photograph)

Deep Tissue Massage for a previously sprained ankle

Deep tissue massage has all of the benefits listed for holistic therapeutic massage and holistic sports and remedial massage.

The additional benefit of Hands Free Deep Tissue massage is that it is a win-win method for you and me. You get a much deeper, more pleasant massage than I could give you with just my hands. Meanwhile, I can treat you and my other clients for longer without tiring or straining my fingers, thumbs and wrists. I therefore use these techniques in all of my massage treatments wherever possible.

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Testimonials on the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage:

Chris, surviver of three strokes: “I benefit from the leg massage because it loosens tight and tired muscles. I find that my legs have changed since I’ve been having massages with Sarah because I can walk more comfortably and for a bit longer. It also helps that I don’t always have to use pain medication to ease my calves and legs to work better.”

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I am currently the only MTI registered massage therapist in Exeter. To find out more about why we at MTI are in an excellent position to help you, please watch this brief video introduction to MTI.

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