Have you ever thought about having a holistic aromatherapy massage with a Christmas theme? I had the pleasure of doing this for a client this time last year and he loved it, so now I’m offering the same to you. Imagine lying on a comfy couch with a heated blanket warming you right down to your toes; being massaged with Christmassy oils, like cinnamon, orange, Christmas tree and frankincense; your favourite Christmas carols are playing quietly in the background. After you have been nurtured and pampered for an hour or 90 minutes, you leave the treatment room, mince pie in hand, your body relaxed and your heart filled with Christmas cheer. Actually, you are filled with much more than this, as the Christmassy essential oils have amazing health benefits and are around at this time of year for a reason.


Silver fir (the traditional Christmas tree, depicted here) specifically helps your immune system to fight off the common cold, which is far too common in the festive season.


Cinnamon is a great all-rounder: good for the digestion, breathing issues and aches and pains, as well as fighting off a wide range of bacteria and viruses out there trying to spoil Christmas!


Frankincense is great for clearing lung congestion and also helps your immune system. Best of all though, it is deeply calming and helps you to “breathe” emotionally.


Orange is anti-infectious and generally cheering and uplifting, at a time of year when you may be feeling physically and emotionally run-down.


So to make this Christmas dream come true for you and to receive health benefits you never dreamt of in time for Christmas, contact me today: 07949 654779



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