Another article on the BBC News website about absence from work owing to illness. At first glance, it is good news: fewer days off than previously reported. Are we just soldiering on though and not allowing ourselves time to recover when necessary? Most interesting to me as a massage therapist is that two of the highest contributors to time taken off sick could be greatly reduced with massage: back and neck pain and mental health issues. Recent NICE guidelines now actually recommend massage as a treatment for low back pain, in conjunction with exercise. The benefits are not restricted to just the lower back though. Most, if not all of my clients have some pain, tension and discomfort in their back, neck and shoulders. This is partly the result of being hunched over computers, but also partly about how our bodies react to stress, i.e. by clenching and guarding. This brings me onto the second issue. One of the very few benefits which we massage therapists and aromatherapists are allowed to advertise concerns the effect of treatment on mood improvement and stress reduction. So more funding for massage for busy, stressed workers,would in all probability lead to a healthier, more productive nation, taking fewer days off sick. I’m already beginning to see an increase in clients with health cash plans or some other form of work-related health insurance, which reimburse for sports massage and sometimes aromatherapy. Long may this more holistic approach continue. Check out the article here:

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