This is one of my new SB Holistic Magic products and its development involved thinking outside the box. As a clinical aromatherapist and also a Myofascial Release (MFR) addict, I wanted some way to bring these two disciplines together. One small problem: aromatherapy involves oil, while MFR requires the skin to be completely free from oil. Then it dawned on me that we could use hydrolats (the water-based products of plant distillation).


Hydrolats are different from essential oils; they come from the same process, but contain all of the water-soluble plant molecules. This makes them resinous and slightly sticky – perfect for MFR. So I developed a formula of four different hydrolats, with a tiny amount of added essential oil, with pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and circulatory properties. The resulting Myofascial Magic comes in a spritzer bottle. Just spray your hands lightly and rub them together before treating your client and feel the difference. You, the therapist, get the sticky texture which helps you to engage, while your client benefits from the therapeutic effects – win-win! You can even use it for facial MFR, if your client forgot not to moisturise.


If you are a massage client reading this, then for your information, the picture shown here is a release for the pectoral girdle – great for hunched and rounded shoulders!

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