What is SB Holistic Magic?

Holistic Business Awards 2017 WINNER!SB Holistic Magic is a simple, yet complete toolkit of 5 unique, award-winning aromatherapy products. The Magic range has been specifically formulated to make your massage and bodywork treatments more effective, helping your clients/patients to get better faster.

All Magic products are made from carefully selected essential and carrier oils, chosen for their physical effects on the body. Each product has been created with a specific stage of tissue repair and healing in mind, to give the body the help it needs at that time.

All Magic products are safe for all your clients aged over six years, including pregnant women and those with epilepsy, high blood pressure and asthma.

As an extra safety precaution, please ask your clients who have asthma about their specific triggers. You do not need any additional aromatherapy training or insurance cover to use the Magic range safely and effectively.

Muscle Magic

Muscle Magic is good for general muscular aches, tension and stiffness. It may be used to warm and stimulate a client’s muscles prior to a sporting event. It is useful in later stages of injury rehabilitation, when heat is appropriate. It can also be used in abdominal massage to aid digestion. It contains oils which are analgesic, circulatory, warming and stimulating. It is an excellent multi-purpose massage oil and a good place to start if you are new to the Magic range.

Rescue Magic

Rescue Magic cream is designed for use on acute injury sites or after heavy exertion, if you suspect that your client may feel sore the following morning. It contains oils which are cooling, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and stimulating to the lymphatic system.

Rescue Magic is great to have in your clinic, to cool a reddened area which you may have overworked, or to use on a new injury site which cannot be massaged yet. It is also an excellent addition for your clients’ home medical kit, especially for those prone to accidents and sports injuries.

I have personally used Rescue Magic when I sprained both ankles at the same time in August 2016. This was a great pilot study, as the Magic range was still in its test phase! After using Rescue Magic in conjunction with RICE and MICE procedures, I was back on my feet in two days.

Scar Magic

You can use Scar Magic balm both on external scars and on tissue adhesions beneath the skin. It contains essential oils which are reputed to tonify the fascia and encourage new cell growth. The shea butter and carrier oil base is rich and nourishing, which makes your skin feel silky-soft and improves its suppleness. It contains rosehip oil, which has been shown to improve the appearance of scarred skin. It has a delightful lemongrass aroma, which, combined with its smooth texture, may help clients who are self-conscious about their scars to feel nurtured and confident.

Prevention is better than cure! You can use Scar Magic on your clients in the run-up to planned surgery. This will improve the condition of the skin over the surgery site and may help the wound to heal faster.

Your clients who have scars would benefit from having a pot of scar Magic to use daily at home. This can also be used to minimise stretch marks in pregnant women.

Nerve Magic

Nerve Magic massage oil is designed to be soothing for clients who have ongoing discomfort associated with trapped nerves. It contains oils which are analgesic, anti-inflammatory, cooling and restorative to the nervous system.

Nerve Magic is also highly supportive for clients who have complex conditions affecting the musculoskeletal, immune and nervous systems, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. This is owing to the specific properties of Eucalyptus staigeriana, the ingredient responsible for the oil’s citrus aroma. It has a refreshing, uplifting aroma, popular among clients who experience low mood and energy levels.

Myofascial Magic

Myofascial Magic spritz allows you to add the benefits of aromatherapy to your MFR treatments. For an effective MFR treatment, you need to have a firm hold on your client’s skin, without sliding. This is why Myofascial Magic is water-based and not oily.

Myofascial Magic is made from hydrolats, or distilled plant waters, with tiny amounts of essential oils. Hydrolats have similar properties to essential oils and some different properties too, owing to different chemical makeup. Most importantly though, they are resinous and therefore naturally slightly sticky in texture, which facilitates MFR techniques.

When you apply a little Myofascial Magic to your hands before you start work, you will find that the engagement between your hands and your client’s fascia happens much sooner than without any medium at all. In addition, your clients will receive the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and circulatory benefits of the essential oils and hydrolats. Myofascial Magic can also help to overcome some of the issues which can make MFR difficult, such as body hair, oily skin and moisturisers.

Using the Magic Products at Sporting Events

The Magic products are ideal to take with you when working at a sporting event, provided that the competitors are allowed to use essential oils (please check with the organisers first).

Muscle Magic is warming and stimulating, so is perfect for pre-event and inter-event massage.

Nerve Magic is cooling and soothing, so is beneficial in post-event massage.

Always have Rescue Magic handy too, for any injury sites or overworked areas which may hurt the following day.


“Sarah’s aromatherapy products are amazing, well researched and beautifully produced. Sarah has a wealth of knowledge on aromatherapy, we are so happy to welcome her as a tutor to School of Bodywork, where she will share her knowledge with our students.” ~Emma Gilmore (Facebook review)

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