Your First Treatment Session

This first treatment session aims to establish a working partnership between client and therapist.

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Initial consultations begin with a detailed case history, in which we discuss your health, lifestyle and treatment needs. If you are able to complete the online SB Holistic consultation form in advance of your first session, this enables me to plan ahead for your treatment and means that you will receive more hands-on massage time. If you would prefer to go through the initial consultation form face-to-face, you may wish to book a 90-minute appointment, in order to allow plenty of time for your massage.

A physical assessment is conducted prior to your massage, which may involve evaluation through touch, postural analysis and testing of joint mobility and muscle function. This information helps to identify areas of relative strength, tension and weakness in your body and to negotiate a treatment plan based on these findings.

Photograph showing a typical massage session taking place

A typical massage taking place

In most instances, massages are received lying on a comfy massage table. However, if specific sports and remedial techniques are to be used, or if you feel uncomfortable about undressing or lying down, some or all of your treatment may be carried out without oil, through clothing or in a seated position. If you choose to include aromatherapy as part of your treatment, then a blend of appropriate essential and carrier oils is prepared for use.

If you are primarily seeking relaxation massage, then conversation is kept to a minimum. However, dialogue and feedback are crucial for some sports and remedial techniques to be effective, so we may talk more during a treatment with a remedial emphasis.

The effectiveness of the massage will be evaluated at the end of the session, which helps to monitor anything that has changed for you, physically or emotionally. This gives you the chance to feed any comments back, about what worked for you and what did not work so well. Notes are kept of possible areas to explore in your next session, based on the evaluation. Aftercare advice will then be suggested, for you to take away from the session. This may include appropriate physical exercises, relaxation techniques and lifestyle tips. Aftercare aims to further build on any benefits achieved from the massage, while giving you the tools to take responsibility for your own well-being.

Subsequent treatment sessions will typically follow a similar format. However, the emphasis will be placed on continuing work in progress and exploring new possibilities, in order to achieve long-term goals.

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