Holistic Sports and Remedial Massage

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What is Holistic Sports and Remedial Massage?

Muscle Energy Technique for tight calves

Muscle Energy Technique for tight calves

Holistic sports and remedial massage uniquely brings together two disparate and often opposing styles of massage. A holistic, nurturing, client-centred approach is integrated with advanced sports and remedial bodywork techniques, giving a massage experience which is both enjoyable and effective. This approach seems to satisfy clients who have previously experienced massage which was either disappointingly superficial or unpleasantly painful. In contrast, SB Holistic aims to work deeply, offering relief, while causing minimal discomfort or pain. Your physical and emotional well-being are taken into consideration at all times, when deciding on the most appropriate sports and remedial techniques for you. The therapist listens to your body, simply allowing release to occur without forcing it. When working in this way, muscles do not react against the pressure and therefore the client does not feel the need to resist the massage. Clients who have experienced this form of massage feel that they have been worked with, rather than having had massage “done to” them

Muscle energy technique for tight hamstrings

Muscle energy technique for tight hamstrings

You do not need to be sportive in order to benefit from this type of massage, as anyone can injure themselves or experience aches and pains. When applied in a holistic, person-centred way, anyone can benefit. This approach has all of the benefits stated for holistic therapeutic massage, with some additional advantages.

Benefits of holistic sports and remedial massage:

  • Works to release specific areas of tension
  • Helps to identify and work with patterns of posture and movement
  • Aids in the prevention of sports injuries
  • assists in the recognition and rehabilitation of a wide range of injuries and conditions, in support of other therapies and medical intervention
  • Supports people in maintaining and improving their fitness
  • Aids in physical and mental preparation for sporting activity

Who can Benefit from Sports Massage?

If you enjoy any of the following sports and activities, you could benefit from sports massage. this is not an exhaustive list, so if your sport or activity is not included, please contact us and we shall be happy to discuss your needs.

  • Jogging, running, marathon and triathlon competing
  • Walking, rambling and orienteering
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Juggling, circus skills and acrobatics
  • Gymnastics
  • Martial arts
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Gardening
  • Knitting
  • Sewing
  • Typing
  • .. and more!

Block Booking Scheme

If your injury, tension or postural pattern has developed over several months or even years, it will equally take time for the issue to be resolved and you will probably need several remedial massage sessions for best results.

Similarly, if you are preparing for or recovering from an important sporting event, such as a marathon or triathlon, regular sports massage treatment sessions are the best way to minimise the likelihood and long-term effects of injury.

Save money and plan ahead by block booking your treatments upfront. Click here for details

CNHC Registered

I am currently the only CNHC registered massage therapist practising in Exeter city centre.

I am Registered with the CNHC (Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council) for Massage

CNHC (reg’d) (massage)

Testimonials on the benefits of Holistic Sports and Remedial Massage:

Renuka, massage therapist and medical herbalist – Grindleford: Sarah uses a good combination of therapeutic techniques combined with nurturing strokes. Particularly good for use in remedial work and for people who do a lot of sports. I especially liked her focused work on hands, arms, shoulders and neck.

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