Many people view massage as a luxury, rather than a necessity. When money is tight, massage goes on the back burner. However, as a massage therapist, I have first-hand experience of how it has helped people when conventional medication could only do so much to alleviate chronic, unpleasant symptoms.


I would never claim to have cured anyone. However, I have seen countless massage and aromatherapy clients who have spontaneously reduced their pain-relieving medication, started sleeping better and experienced markedly reduced symptoms, including headaches, asthma attacks and digestive issues.


Currently, there is very little massage available on the NHS. While a service has been set up at the Royal Free in London, this is the exception, not the rule. Most of us who work in hospitals are expected to do so on a voluntary basis, yet no-one expects this of doctors, nurses or physios.


Our skills, while different from those of mainstream medics, have their place and we massage therapists deserve recognition for the time and money which we have invested in our training. At the same time, we are all too aware that many people simply cannot afford it on a private basis.


My colleagues and I believe that massage could be a highly effective and relatively economical addition to the treatments available to patients on the NHS. In some cases, it could potentially reduce the need for expensive drugs, which can have unwelcome side effects, especially if used long-term.


If what I am saying makes sense to you, please sign this petition at the link below and share it with everyone you know. Here’s to greater recognition of an effective and valuable therapy.


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